HKA for Agencies & Solicitors

An expert witness directory at your fingertips

Enlisting HKA is the fastest way to find the right expert and take delivery of a professional medico legal report. From your initial instruction to the final orthopaedic or psychological assessment, we're always on hand to make the medico legal process as smooth as possible.

The HKA Process

Introducing our streamlined four-step approach to medico legal services

  • 1. You instruct HKA

  • 2. We arrange expert witness appointment

  • 3. Expert witness produces psychological/orthopaedic report

  • 4. We send you the psychological/orthopaedic report

HKA Process and Benefits

Conditions we cover

An expert witness for every scenario

At HKA, we recognise that every client and case is unique. From personal injury to medical negligence, we're here to provide a respected expert witness, ready to assess a claimant's psychological or orthopaedic condition and produce a thorough report.

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  • Personal Injury Assessment (Psychological)

    In the aftermath of a personal injury - from a debilitating car crash to a traumatic fall - an expert witness provided by HKA will be able to assess in detail and report thoroughly on the psychological effects.

  • Person in a wheelchair getting orthopaedic assessment

    Personal Injury Assessment (Orthopaedic)

    One of the UK's most respected orthopaedic surgeons, John Mackinnon meets clients at their choice of four UK clinics, carrying out an in-depth orthopaedic assessment.

The HKA Charter

Serving you, serving justice

HKA understands the time pressures and personal concerns involved in the medico legal process. Our highly trained in-house staff, independent expert psychologists and orthopaedic surgeons are dedicated to streamlined service and high-quality psychological and orthopaedic assessments, helping solicitors, agencies and individuals towards the right result.

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The HKA Quality Guarantee

  • A dynamic in-house staff of 26, dedicated to personal service
  • Medico legal instructions processed in-house within 24 hours
  • Clinical psychologist and orthopaedic appointments confirmed within five days
  • Clients typically seen by expert witness within 4-6 weeks of instruction
  • Select an independent expert witness from our register of 42 experts
  • Experts assessments performed at 130 UK clinics in England and Wales.
  • Every clinical psychologist held to the highest HCPC/BPS standards
  • Our orthopaedic surgeon held to the highest GMC standards
  • Orthopaedic and psychological reports delivered two weeks after appointment

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