The HKA Charter

Serving you, serving justice

The HKA difference – our values & service

Since 1993, HKA has spearheaded the medico legal industry, earning our reputation through an ethos of dedicated service that is shared by the in-house staff and our UK expert witness directory. While the company is rapidly expanding – and is the largest and most respected operation of its kind in the UK – we remain committed to the values set out by our founder, Prof Hugh Koch, treating each client as an individual, and delivering high-quality orthopaedic and psychological reports that ensure justice is done.

Strict service levels

Medico legal cases move fast, and the HKA team is experienced at working to strict time constraints without compromising the quality of our psychological assessments. From the moment we take your instruction, the team processes information within 24 hours, arranging an expert witness within five working days, then ensuring delivery of the final orthopaedic or psychological report to the solicitor within two weeks of the appointment.

An experienced medico legal team

HKA is a dynamic medico legal operation where experience and energy are evident. Every team member at our Cheltenham head office is aware of the vital importance of their work, and its detailed nature, and each receives six weeks of rigorous training to ensure they are ready to meet the standards set by our founder, Prof Hugh Koch. While HKA handles a high caseload, the team never forgets the personal story behind each one.

High-quality psychological and orthopaedic reports

To effectively provide a report on a claimant in court, it’s of vital importance that it sets out its findings with clarity and authority. Each HKA clinical psychologist and orthopaedic surgeon is carefully selected based on a checklist of factors – from professional experience to current HCPC/BPS certification – and this includes their ability to promptly deliver an orthopaedic or psychological assessment that accurately presents the case.

UK expert witness directory

Wherever a claimant is based in the UK, our expert witness directory ensures they are able to meet an appropriate clinical psychologist or orthopaedic surgeon close to their home. HKA currently has 42 experts on our register, operating from 125 clinics across England and Wales, and we hold each clinical psychologist to the high standards demanded by Prof Hugh Koch himself. Each expert witness has approximately five years’ experience as a clinical psychologist and a current HCPC/BPS certification.

Complete client management

Although the initial approach to HKA is made through a solicitor or medico legal agency, our in-house team endeavours to keep all parties informed as appropriate throughout. We appreciate that a legal case is a demanding process, and work hard to put clients at their ease with a service that runs like clockwork, whether that entails advising clients on appointment times or liaising with solicitors to confirm when the final orthopaedic or psychological report is due.

Proven processes

HKA’s workflow has been honed over a quarter-century at the head of the medico legal industry, so solicitors, agencies and claimants can all feel confident they’re in safe hands and the process is moving along on schedule. Despite HKA’s growing operation and high caseload, we pride ourselves on taking a personal approach to every client and case, ensuring that expectations are exceeded and industry standards satisfied.