A Review of 30 Years with Professor Hugh Koch

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A Review of 30 Years with Professor Hugh Koch

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Where did you get the idea for HK Associates?/What was the reason behind setting up HK Associates?

I started back in 1992 seeing clients in 10 locations Monday to Thursday each and every week., Manchester down to Plymouth across to London and Cardiff and many places in between. I met an excellent psychologist in London and thought to myself ‘I wonder if she could use the same approach as me and we both could benefit”. I gradually built up from 1,to2,to 3, to 8 and so on until we are now 40 strong. The key aim is to offer high quality and very accessible psychological evidence to the Courts throughout the U.K.

Do you remember the first time you went to court – how did you feel?

Like I feel every time, highly focused, aroused and nervous…..this helps me to be on top of my game and my brief. I make sure I have read and reread all the available evidence, know my errors and gaps, and have a jug of water available in the witness box to sort my throat dryness. I find attending court exhilarating as I learn so much.

What was it like to travel all over the country/World professionally?

Exciting. I love travelling both within the U.K. and elsewhere when I am asked (Stockholm, Rome, Bahamas, Hong Kong, Sydney, Auckland)

What has been you biggest achievement to date since setting up HK Associates?

Developing the experience and confidence to know that I can unravel almost any evidential problem and offer sensible advice

What are your future plans for HK Associates?

A fascinating question….I hope that the central HKA team and the amazing group of associates will continue to provide high quality services into the future ….that’s the plan!