Expert Psychological Assessments

Adult Personal Injury

This comprehensive expert assessment includes immediate post-accident mental state, symptom assessment, current symptoms, pre-accident history, reliability, treatment implications and prognosis. Pre-interview questionnaires and tests are used where appropriate.

Child Personal Injury

‘Child’ refers to any young person under the age of 18. When a child is under 10 or 11, they are given a brief and friendly interview following which their parent (usually the mother) is interviewed in depth. Most parents are anxious about their child being interviewed and the above process addresses their anxiety.

Neuropsychological (Child & Adult)

This is carried out when any type of cognitive impairment is suspended (eg. following a head injury, concussion, brain disease). It involves a comprehensive battery of paper-based and verbal tests over a period of 2-4 hours, plus where appropriate interviewing of relatives.

Chronic Pain

This provides a comprehensive amount of the psychological aspects of ongoing, chronic pain. It assesses pre-injury history of pain complaints plus post-injury coping strategies. Where appropriate Pain Management treatment options are recommended.

Employment Stress and Absence Management

Either within a Personal Injury or an Employment Litigation context, this assessment includes information on pre-index period adjustments, description of employment difficulties (perceived and/or validated), post-index period adjustment. Treatment and work-setting interventions are recommended where appropriate.

Medical Negligence

The psychological aspects of an alleged medical accident and ensuring are assessed. Careful distinction is made between the possible effects of the original medical between the possible effects of the original medical intervention and the effects of alleged accident.

Psychological Injury Assessments

Hugh Koch Associates (Psychological) provide clinics in 68 centres throughout the UK (England, Wales & Scotland). We typically see claimants 4 - 6 weeks after receiving instruction and our reports are available 2 weeks following the interview providing we have all relevant documentation. With our UK - wide spread of clinics, we can usually see claimants near their home. The ‘Find an Expert’ facility allows the finder to identify the three nearest experts (psychological).

Personal Orthopaedic Assessments

John Mackinnon (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon) provides clinics in 5 centres (Bristol, Plymouth, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Southampton and Wolverhampton). He sees claimants 4-6 weeks after receiving instructions and his reports are available 2 weeks following the interview providing he has had appropriate GP and Hospital records and x-rays (where available). He carries out a comprehensive clinical examination, history and reviews available GP and Hospital records and Radiographic evidence to provide a reliable opinion of condition, causation and prognosis. Where appropriate in some locations this can be accompanied by a psychological assessment.

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